Beauty trends

Lower lash line
This season you should emphasize the lower eye line. The more colors you use how better. All colors can and may actually. Look at shows like Fendi, Lanvin and Marchese who Showed this look already.

Simple Look
Red lips with the perfect rouge . It's very easy to make this look but it reamains very classy. We saw this in shows like: Felder Felder.

Black kiss
The black lipstick we see this more and more and I really love it. You need to keep the other makeup simple by this look cause the black lips are already very strinking. It depends a bit on what an outfit you are wearing cause it doesn't fit by any look. But I say definitely do those black lips. PSSST haven't you got a black lipstick? I recommend the lipstick from black Up(RGE 30) . It looks beautiful and very long tasting.

Do you remember the show from Topshop? We saw this look in this show. It's a bit the eighties look and it looks really nice if you ask me. All attention goes to your eyes. Yeah who wouldn't?

Brown lips
This look is especially suitable for people with brown or green eyes. A little foundation and blush for what has accent on the cheekbones and your look is finished.

 Striking eyes
This year we are going to see many colors in the hot days  also in terms of makeup. Look at shows like that of Gareth Pugh, Christian Dior, Anna Sui and Fendi. The more colors how better, so do nice striking colors on your eyes. Like: orange, green, red, blue to purple, yellow, pink ,so we can go on and the best part is above and below the eyes a different color!


Winged eyeliner
How do you do this? Stamp with the side of your eyeliner pencil small pieces over your eye and then work it into a perfect running line that curves upwards. Then maybe a sensual lipstick or gloss and you have the classy look !

And just like Calvin Klein said: ‘The best thing is to look natural, but it takes make-up to look natural.’