Gagster Chic

This outfit is named by Gagster Chic do you know why?
It gives us a bit of a rugged look.  If you only look at the bandanna and chain together. Then we come to the jacket, this jacket when I saw I knew that I had to have it. You can combine it in so many ways and I really love this. When that was also marked down in my size. So I think that it was meant for me. The dress I had also luck with it, I love how the dress inside out is made. This one I bought for 30 euros. The bag I've been there from BLUE, I do not know if you know this brand, but I loved the green color and of course the gold which is also come back in my chain. The shoes you see are not so good in these pictures but I let you definitely see it in an other look .They are beautiful heels with studs. And the red lipstick also makes this outfit in terms of makeup.

My look:

Bandana: Vintage
Chain: H&M
Coat: Maison Margiela By H&M
Dress: Maison Margiela By H&M
Heels: Alysa

Pictures made by : Michel AndrĂ© for
                              Simon Bosch  for