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Today I'm still at Amsterdam and I really miss Paris.. But yes there is nothing to do life goes on. Then quickly going againg to Paris! fortunately I have a lot of pictures that I can share with you.
I am often in Paris and I know a lot of nice shops, nice restaurants, good hotels (which are not too expensive) lounge bars, clubs and so we can go on. Here I am going to still inform. If you're going soon and I have not let you know, you can always email me so I can send you some information.

This outfit : When I was in the new look in Li├Ęge I saw these shoes I was instantly in love. Then I also saw  that they were only 15 euros, just could not be nicer. You can wear them in many ways and I love this color. The pants I have bought in primarkt and high pants are of course totally in this season, how higher the better. The sweater you see it not so good in the pictures but it is definitely one of my favorites. It is from Michael Kors and I'm sure you gonna see it in a different look.
The Jacket is ofcourse from Versace By H&m. I really like the jacket, the colors, the gold used, the patterns everything is just right. You know the song by Jessie J Domino? She wears it in her clip. Of course,by this look can't we miss the hat with meshonly gold rings and red lipstick and your look is finished.

Bag : Primarkt
Black Jacket : Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Pants : Primarkt
Rings : H&M
Shoes : New Look
Sweater : Micheal Kors
Versace jacket: Versace By H&M

Pictures made by : Martijn Cremers

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