Interview with designer Domenico Cioffi

                                                       The designer

When did you know that you wanted to be a designer?
Domenico: I realize when I was really young maybe 8 years. I loved to re-design  clothes from fashion magazines that were in the house.
What is your ultimate goal as a young and emerging fashion designer?
Domenico: My ultimate goal is definitely to keep on doing this work with passion and dedication for a long time and trying to grow my brand out from Holland.
What you are most proud of?
Domenico: I am very proud of my collaboration with an Italian eyewear company, who immediately believed in me. I’ve never worked as a eyewear designer before, this occasion giving me a lot of satisfaction.
Is there a roadmap for your career as a designer?
Domenico: Yes I have a roadmap but sometimes also I expect that things comes alone. If you start good you will see the results below.
You attended the Istituto Europeo di Design, Can you share your experiences while you were there and your expectations before you applied?
Domenico: It was an unforgettable experience, the best years of my life, I studied first in Milan and then I graduated in Rome where in the meantime I started to work with major companies of footwear and clothing.
 If you were given the opportunity to design for an artist or celebrity, who would that person and why?
Domenico: I’d love to work with Florenche Welch or Lana Del Rey, but it will take a long time. They are so glamorous.
Who is and remains your fashion icon?
Domenico: Anna Piaggi who unfortunately left us a few months ago.
 How do you spend your time with fun time?
Domenico: With my friends of course. I have a special passion for cinema.

Amsterdam Fashion Week
July 2012, you showed your collection at Fashion Week in Amsterdam. Did you expect to be back with the show that you got in Januar?
Domenico: I was a little unsure, but I really wanted to be there another time, and luckily I was here again.
 What sets your clothes and design apart from other designers?
Domenico: I hope the identity because is the most important thing that make the difference from one brand to the other brand. My design is caracterized by northern european minimalism in combination with meditterranean cultures.
                                                                                     How would you describe your new collection ?
Domenico: My collection is always very minimal and sporty . This season I was inspired by three elements, the film Tron Legacy, the Moorish art and the New York’s skyline. I worked on different silhouettes and on a cold palette of colors .
What do you think are the most important qualities to succeed in the fashion Business?
Domenico:  Grit and discipline.
Looking at the public, where do you get your inspirations when designing a collection?
Domenico: I like to take inspiration from movies, architecture and art, at this moment I am passionate by Japanese streetstyle.
What advice would you give to a person who would like to become a fashion designer?
Domenico: Enrolling in a good fashion school and do a bit of experience in some fashion house big or little is not important.
 Can you share with us the presumably hectic process in setting up a collection?
Domenico: It’s a long and arduous process of six months. From research and trends to the patterns and then from fabrics to the stitching.
 How much time, energy, etc. goes into it?
Domenico: Oh, you use so much energy and you can not say you work 6 or 8 hours per day, you are always working but it’s the most beutiful job in the world.
 What is your ultimate goal as a young and emerging fashion designer?
Domenico: I don’t have a special procedure.
 What attributes do you look for in a model?
Domenico: The models must simply, feminine, healthy and fun to make this work.
        By  Supongo Estilo
Domenico Cioffi is a charming young designer with loads of passion and inspiration. His designs and tastes in fashion is appealing and we definitely recommend  his product.

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