Look@ lovely Paris

Today I'm still @ one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Terms of people with really nice streetstyle I unfortunately can't spot by many people. To bad... But I have made a few nice streetstyle shots for you guys!It's for me a little disappointing that there aren't much fashionable people walking here. But of course makes the city itself it good for those people. I wouldn't go to home. Do you know the movie the devil wears Prada? As the say in it : Holland is my country but Paris my home. And this is definitely the true for me!

Bag: Vintage ( made of snakeskin)
Blouse: Primarkt
Chain: H&M
Fur coat: Roberto Cavalli
Fur hat: Vintage ( J. Bouhon)
Heels : H&M
Skirt: Jane Norman