My fashion icon Anna Piaggi

On August 7, 2012 we received the terrible news: the fenoneem Anna Piaggi was deceased.

This came as a plaice with me and many other fashion lovers. Because this woman knew the craziest colors and items to combine and making it always look like a stunning effect. When we looked at her eccentric makeup, she knew it always to do the whole look was complete, never missed anything.Also she was in possession of the world's best and appartste hats. I think many people have learned from this woman (certainly including me) and this woman has remained a style icon. Nobody but  really nobody can do after her because she is still Anna Piaggi ,who had a look at the fashion world that no one would get and where most people only dream about. It was her destiny in the fashion world. The fashion world has a lot of these women learned and received much inspiration. Thank you so much Anna !

The sky has now many rainbows there. We will always love you .