Report Balenciaga@PFW

We saw yesterday for the first time Alexander Wang for Balenciaga. It sounds like it was promising something ... Was this true? Read more quickly.

What we saw in this show?
We saw beautiful dresses with open back, velvet pants, turtlenecks, cocoon coats, highwaisted trousers, skirts over pants (also seen at Dries van Noten), coats, blouses, many silhouettes with above broad, different prints, also we saw each time a bow back. Particular emphasis on the waist.

Accessories: heels with pointed toe, mary-janes, necklaces, headbands, bracelets, biker boots, large pins, purses and belts with a bow.
Colors: colors: green, white, black, brown and gray.
Hair: tightly in a bun with a hair band.
Makeup: basic with nude shades.

He said he wanted to design a functional collection and that he certainly succeeded. unfortunately we have not seen much of his own characteristics. Maybe next time? Despite this it was a chic collection that many people will want to wear.