Report Mulberry Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear

What we saw in this show?
The decor was like fairy tales, it gave us a bit of the Alice in Wonderland feeling. The poodles that we saw in this show were innovative.

We saw in this show: coats (which seems almost indispensable in many shows), sweaters, lots of leather used, size masters can not be lacking, skirts over pants (a trend from last season), midi pants, collars, sequins, and lots of skirts with pleats .

Accessories: loafers with heels, platforms,gloves and handbags in different sizes and colors.
Colors: brown, nude, white, moss green, yellow, turquoise, burgundy, black, navy and orange.
Hair: straight hair parted in the middle and in the collar.
Makeup: smoky eyes in shades of brown.

It was a girlish but sturdy collection. I think many women have something of the Mulberry collection wishlist added.