Report Prada @MFW

Yesterday at 18.00 it was on to Prada for'' rocking'' the Milan Fashion Week. And this is thanks to Miuccia Prada certainly happening because it was a promising show.  Where many people something from want to have! We saw a lot the characterizes of Prada back: of course the substance use and the lug sole. This collection was based on a film, also we saw many features from the past but in a modern way. And yes the fashion repeats itself always as we know.

What we saw in this show?Jackets, asymmetrical hems, skirts, sequins, waist belts (in almost every show), embroidery, midi pants, dresses, fur coats and sagging shoulders. Everything was based on the female body: everything made ​​the figures of the models came out nicely.

Accessories: sandals with platform, waist belts, fur, sunglasses, bags of square and crocodile leather and shoes with the lug sole.
Colors: pink, blue, gold, silver, black, red, brown, green, black and yellow.
Hair: wetlook.
Makeup: basic.

It was a real glamorous (a little bit 60s) collection. A collection that the Milan Fashion Week certainly couldn't miss!