Shopaholic tips

Do you love shopping just like me?Would you prefer to do it day and night?But do you spend sometimes just too much money on shopping? Buy your sometimes something that you later regret? And then suddenly you ran out of money? Then read on!

How you dress is how you feel. With any outfit you feel differently. Naturally, therefore is the right wardrobe very important. You must have all kinds of different garments. Everyone dreams of the right wardrobe. But then you have to know how to shop wisely. No problem with the following steps and tips you gonna learn how to shop wisely .  And then you have in a while your dream closet!


Step1: dive into your closet and see what you have.
Step 2: Make little pairs of clothes , see what looks good on you, try it , make pictures of you look for the next time when you don't know what to wear..
Step 3: look what you absolutely need to clothing, accessories and shoes and save it somewhere.
Step 4: what is your budget? Look what you can spend and what do you need this month.
Step5: go after what you want to buy take also a look at the internet where you can buy it and what it will cost.
Step 6: pin your budget, so you have a better overview of what you can spend.
Step 7: wear good underwear.
 Step 8: choose the perfect outfit what you gonna wear @ the shopday, you should keep in mind that anything you might need to adjust your outfit so be easy on and off and obviously not ruin your makeup and hair!
Step 9: run to the store.
Tip 1: stick while shopping to your plan.
Tip 2: Think carefully before you buy, spend is easier than saving (if necessary let the clothes you might want to buy a few hours on the side hanging: so you know whether you still want to buy).
Tip 3: stick to your own opinion. It's always nice when others like your outfit. But they don't wear it of course , as long as you feel comfortable and happy in it it's good! So do your friends think it nothing? Too bad matter of taste. So always consider yourself.
Tip 4: quality for quality: of course is cheaper clothing more attractive than expensive and expensive is not always better. But please pay attention always on the finish. The seams should always ten stabbing per 2.5 cm, also note the labels are the labels printed? Then they are less in quality than woven labels.
Tip 5: NEW IS NEW: Always check carefully that there are no stains, holes, wires hanging loose or whatever. Because what you buy must be new and from a good quality (also in Vintage).
Tip 6: stand 100 percent behind your outfit, 99 percent? Unfortunately not.
Tip 7 always look what the prices in other stores are. It is 10 euros cheaper? Then buy it of course there. Another 10 euros for the next shopday.

                                                              Good luck!