Show Oscar De La Renta

What we found from the autumn / winter collection of Oscar De La Renta with John Gailliano?

That the designer  from Oscar De La Renta  80 years is see we in the experience that he is reflecting in his collections, his shows are always a surprise.
Also be sure this time with John Gailliano.

What we saw in this show ?

Of course the famous models in this show can not be missed. They wore mantals, here and there fur coats, skirts, top hats beautiful dresses, beaded tops and pants.

Accessories: hats, waist belts, gloves in different colors and sizes, large necklaces with precious stones, pumps in different colors, sandals with a heel, evening bags, and of course earrings.

Makeup: we saw wonderful colors lipstick pass as red, brown and orange. Here and there we saw heavily made-up eyes.

Hair: spiky, straight hair.

Colours: pink, purple, green, orange, yellow, black, red, gold, brown and turquoise.