The closure of the London Fashion Week

Hey lovely people ! Today is the last day of The London Fashion Week, which we enjoyed.
Fortunately we have a few more shows to go.
At 18:00 close Haizhen Wang The Fashion Week off. And this promised what (Also may be as closure of this great week).

What we can expect from the collection“For AW13, I drew inspiration from architecture by looking at gothic style buildings - the multi-faceted constructions, their lines and the negative space of architectural lay plans. The same theme is also interpreted through looking at the contrasts revealed between masculine and feminine characteristics, and how proportions are displayed in human form.”

His ideal client: “An extraordinary woman who is confident yet sensual and appreciates shape and form.”

His inspiration: A lot of his work is rooted within art history, both British tradition and foreign cultures and he find himself fascinated by photography, a tune or a story.

 Characteristic signatures in his collections: “Masculine femininity with architectural references. Classical tailoring, bold design joined with precision and impeccable quality.”

Well this promised what I think : so look  at 18: 00 @