Would Karl promote marriage between same sexes ?

Yesterday we saw the collection of Fendi and this was certainly a spectacle, of course, partly by Karl Lagerfeld. Now we even see his sketch in the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. This is the first fashion-themed issue of the newspaper, which eight times few years will be released. The newspaper has chosen the first time for Karl because the 50-year anniversary of the Elysée Treaty (reconciliation between Germany and France) they wanna celebrate.

Do you remember the two brides hand in hand @the show of Chanel ? Now we see a lesbian couple in his sketch again! What his sketch mean? With the women he means Germany and France. The two children represent: Angela Merkel (German Chancellor) and François Hollande (President of France).

Would Karl promote marriage between same sexes ? Well that question you can answer the best for yourself!