Dior avec Harrods

Dior is increasingly the world, on 19 May we can see the resort collection show in Monaco but this is not all, because Dior is now working with the British department store Harrods.

What we can find @ Harrods? From the spring gets Dior its own floor, activities and an exhibition what has never been published. We can of course find here sketches and dresses what famous celebrities like Lady Diana, Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence have worn. There will also be a Cafe Dior Pop-up restaurant where we all can find tasty dishes. Even the windows promise something because the theme is French Savior Gair and British charm. Yes you're thinking exactly right because we see include telephones and mailboxes. All this promises sure what, so maybe a trip to London ?

From when we can enjoy it? From 16 March till 14 April 2013