In love with H&M

This morning when I was checking my mails, there was also one from H & M. This mail was about the new collection Conscious Exclusive. I was very curious so I went straight to the pictures and immediately when I saw the first model with the beautiful dress I knew that this collection is a dream collection for crowd man, including me. I looked at the pictures on and thought to myself how I would wear it, you can very much anything with it! There are wonderful things in between so I could complete my wishlist  (again saving money$$) but good this collection is affordable for the people and we have seen some celebrities with pieces of this collection appear. The collection is not for nothing in the character of Hollywood glamor. My absolute favorite? Honestly , I have several favorites, I really can not choose but  you can see me from April 4, especially with these outfits run but of course in my own way combined and course I share my outfits looks than with you!

The Conscious Exclusive collection is from April 4, 2013 available in about 140 stores worldwide and online: put it in your diary!