Kate Moss goes naked

This week, there are naked pictures of supermodel Kate Moss made​​. The photos are taken for the American Playboy that in January 2014 comes. It still takes a while but it is promising something because the photographers are Mert and Marcus. The styling was done by Alex White (W Magazine). This is not the first time that Kate goes naked. We saw her this week already half naked in the show for Louis Vuitton from Marc Jacobs. Also, Kate Moss was going nude for a good cause namely for National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Childeren. The photo was taken by photographer Solve Sundsbo. We can offer this picture from May 17 .What man wouldn't have this beautiful woman naked above his bed? We also saw her all naked for the love magazine. Kate Moss is apparently not averse from let's get naked but let's face it , it also brings a lot of money in the till. If the photo' s for playboy are known I share them with you.

See below for some other nude photos of Kate Moss: