LV movie encourages prostition?

Of course you have seen the Louis Vuitton Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear show and Remind you the movie by James Lima and Kate Grand of Love magazine movie yet? Of course you do! Because with that wonderful music and the story you will not forget. The models were prostitutes ,we saw the models look sloppy in dark alleys. Naturally heard this in the story but according to people would they promotion prostitution and this is not everything because they would encouraging the criminals in the drug trade and it would also be a shock tion for the representation of  women's bodies cause it are portrayed as an object which men see as a toy. They find it harmful for teens because they think that by means of postitutie it is easy to earn money to buy things like clothes. From now on we can see the video only private.If I know more you can read it @ Supongo Estilo

 Do you think the movie encourages prostitution?