Quotes by top models

They are not here to stay in the fashion world, these models:

-Liu Wen (27 January 1998)
-Joan Smalls (11 July 1998)
-Lindsey Wixson (11 April 1994)
-Daphne Groeneveld (24 December 1994)
Quotes from this style models are:

''Iconic women know how to create their own style- they may follow trends but mix it with personality''  Lindsey Wixson.

''An iconic woman had classic style, a good heart and is confident that makes her beautiful" Liu Wen.

''Style icons are the everyday people who walk the Streets of NY, Paris, Londen and Tokyo'' Joan Smalls.

'Being a great style icon is always knowing how to dress beautifully for the occasion'' Daphne Groeneveld.