Yesterday I had give you all a glimpse of the Chanel Fall ready-to-wear collection in 2013. You saw the pictures and the backdrop of the beautiful show. This time the show was also in Grand Palais. This time it was not a setting of a jungle, windmills or solar panels but a globe.

What we saw in the world of Chanel?
We saw this time male and female models. There were models passed as: Daphne Groeneveld, Saskia de Brauw and of course Cara Delivingne . This time we saw in the collection: many different colors, coats,long overknee biker boots with chains, different silhouettes, leather use, Spiro Count prints, dresses, big buttons, high collars, long dresses with V-neck, skirts over trousers, pleated sleeves, drags, high waist shorts, sweaters ,blouses and  I so can go on and on ...

Accessories: bags with chain handles, link chains, gloves without fingers (typically Karl), overknee biker boots with chains, quilted leather, globe bags, loafers, necklaces, hats in different colors like red, pink and blue, sunglasses, bracelets, gloves with spikes, block heel, big buttons and of course we saw at the bags the Chanel sign.
Colors: blue, red, pink, yellow, black, gray, white, silver, green, gray and turquoise.
Hair: center parting and style, sometimes with a hat or hair in the chain or collar stopped.
Makeup: nude-colored lips and shiny eye makeup.
Nails: red.

I say this show really can't be missed during the Paris Fashion Week. Otherwise it was not a real fashion week . It was definitely a spectacle and I think much people want something (as much as possible) of this collection have. So well done Karl! But so what this man touches turned into gold is not it?

It was a rough, global ,and shiney collection. That surely the world will rock and ofcourse we gonna see this clothes over the world by all kind of people.

                                              -So around the world with Chanel-