Report Christian Dior

Yesterday we could finally see the show where we had waited so long. Namely the Fall ready-to-wear collection of Christian Dior. For this collection,  has Raf Simons (Belgian) with Andy Warhal Foundation worked. At the end we saw Laurie Anderson occur. Well that sounds like a real spectacle isn't it? Read on and see if it was.

We saw?
Strapless dresses with beautiful drawings, baggy trousers, suits, shiny fabrics, leggings, ruffles, folded collar, V-necks, paillettes, mantals, skirts, trechcoats and prints with eyes and flowers. All in all, this gave us a fairytale feeling. Cinderella? Snow White? No Christian Dior!

Accessories: boots, clutches, earrings, rings and pumps.
Colors: blue, pink, gray, white, brown, red and black.
Hair: high bun.
Makeup: striking lips.

It was a fairytale-like collection where many people will dream about...