Report: G.V.G.V.

G.V.G.V. is one of the most popular shows constantly the Tokyo Fashion Week. Why? See for yourself and read the short report:

What we saw in this show?
We saw blouses pass, leather use, long leather boots (also seen with Rihanna for River Island is definitely a must have!), High waist skirts, sunglasses, jumpsuits, animal prints (TREND), gloves, leather jackets, sweaters, women printed , fur coats, dresses,high waist shorts, trousers using silk, printing blocks, ear muffs with fur, patterns with stars, stripes prints and oversized jackets (TREND).

Accessories: Sunglasses, gloves, shoulder bags, clutches, long boots, animal prints shoes and masks.
Colors: black,white,grey, orange and red.
Hair: oblique separation with the hair from behind in the 50s a 60s style.
Makeup: red kiss.

It was not an innovative collection, only the women print was new for ths season . But despite this, I think it is a very popular collection what will many people buy!