Report Louis Vuitton

Yesterday we saw Louis Vuiton as opening on the last day of Paris Fashion Week. This time the models came from various hotel room doors (he invents always something news) knock knock who's there? It is Louis Vuitton course!

What we saw in this collection?
So much to mention ... But okey here goes: tweed, plaid, jackets (resembling as a sort of robes), sequins, feathers, satin, paja suits, skirts, dresses with split, fur bags, shorts, jumpsuits, leather use, floral patterns, and fur coats . Marc Jacobs himself wore a cheerful floral pajamas.

Accessories:snakeskin sandals, sunglasses, necklaces with feathers,waist belts,fur, sunglasse and many kinds of bags such as fur bags.
Colorspink, blue, aubergine, green, black, brown, metallic, red and lilac.
Hair:  black short wig.
Makeup: brown eyeshadow and aubergine colored lips.

Of course we could not miss Louis Vuitton at Paris Fashion Week. There were beautiful specimens between because it was definitely a hollywood style and I love it so much.

                                          It was a Hollywood-like, luxery, glamorous 20s Collection.