Report Saint Laurent Paris

We saw the younger version of what we are accustomed Saint Laurent Paris. This is by Hedi Slimane. We saw celebrities pass as Alison Mosshart and Sky Ferreira. In the background we heard music from: San Francisco gara tie Three oh sees.

What we saw in this show?
We saw baby dolls dresses, leather skirts, shorts, bond coats, briefs, vintage forals, bows, big sweaters, diamond patterns, mohair cardigans, ruffle collars, velvet fabrics, Scottish windows, pleated skirts, hot pants, Scandinavian prints, denim skirts, sequins, use of crosses, patterns of flowers and stars

Accessories:biker boots, crosses, necklaces, scarves, tights, parrels, clutches and waist belts (could not be otherwise).
Colors:red, blue, black, white, salmon, gold and beige.
Hair: sloppy.
Makeup: smokey eyes with a lot of eyeliner.

We saw once again that the inspiration came from California. It will mainly attract the younger crowd. But all in all it was definitely a suitable collection.

It was a fiery young collection.