Report Vivienne Westwood

What is a Paris Fashion week without Vivienne Westwood? Yesterday we could enjoy her show. And we certainly enjoyed. Do you know why? So read on...

What we saw in this show?
The models had notable theatrical chalk makeup on, we saw floral prints embroidered, colorful metallics (must have), metal, copper, dresses, animal prints (TREND) geometric coats, capes, dots prints , sweaters with text, sweeping skirts, leggings, satin fabrics, suits and leather using .

Accessories: veil, hats, long boots, flowers, sunglasses, bracelets, gloves to the wrist tied ,big big earrings, necklaces, socks, waist belts, shoulder bags and scarves.
Colors: blue, gray, black, white, purple, red, beige, brown,pink, gold and toffee.
Hair: two very long braids with here and there a hat.
Makeup: striking chalk theatrical makeup.
Nails: Long blue Stiletto nails .

On the last we saw a bride with a veil, transparent white dress and long black boots on the catwalk. Well if I were a man I would definitely marry with these bride...

It was a bold new medieval collection.