The Skyline look

When I went to Amsterdam last time I wore this. The look is typical of my own style as you can see, this time I wore boots with studs that I buy very cheap in Paris. The skirt did I found between the bathing accessories but gosh you can combine it in so many ways no one who sees so SSSST secret. The Black kiss( the lipstick) I really like , I had been looking for black lipstick cause it's just an eye catcher and fortunately I found a good one in Paris from the brand Black Up. Of course people always look at you when you wear these looks, but I do not care they should have something to look if you ask me! As everyone would be himself in the way of style, would it make the world a little nicer.

                                                                   The look:
                                                                  Blouse: H&M
                                                                  Rings: H&M
                                                                  Shoes: Vintage
                                                                  Skirt: Primarkt