Who wears it better Nicki Minaj or Me?

As I told you I really love my Cleopatra Bodice. Look back to my A La Cleopatra Look. Anyway I had the bodice never seen by anyone, until today. I happened to be  when I was listening the song I Luv Dem Strippers 2 Chainz ft. Nicki Minaj . So when I saw that Nicki the bodice wore. Just a pity that you can not see the shoes. But you can see her pants and of course the bodice So who wears it better? Nicki Minaj or me? Look >>>>>>>>>>>>>
My look:
Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Bag: Pensato
Skirt: H & M
Bodice: Zara
Rings: H & M

See the clip here>>>>>>>>>>>>>