You can not fake fashion

We still see a lot of counterfeit fashion brands on the street. Look around you, how often do you see fake bags? Than I think throw it in the trash please. I am personally very much against the people who buy fake brands because they necessarily want walking around with a brand? Do they really think that real fashion people do not see that it is fake. They do not understand that they many people offend? Okay sometimes are brands expensive, but you do not necessarily have a brand, it is the quality , how it looks and how you combined it. Because let's be honest how fun is it to show something what very cheap is expensive ? But I'm honest I love brands but it must be REAL !

This year, Ralph Lauren, Prabal Gurung and Diane von Furstenberg in the fight against counterfeit fashion. They design bags on Ebay  auction. They promote ''You can not fake fashion''.

The auction is until 25 March.

And remember:  you can not fake fashion!