Dior month, with new Dior products!

This month it is a promising and expensive month for dior lovers cause the can this month whole from dior enjoy! From today is namely the new Miss Dior perfume in the shop where I get all photos and a video of revealed! The perfume has a natural smell of flowers and is made of top note, flowers like roses and blood orange. The Miss Dior Eau perfume costs € 74.50 for 50ml and for 100ml € 107.

But lovers this is not all! Not everything? No no because also this month we can the Dior Addict Glosses where Daphne Groeneveld the face of is buy. And this gloss stays nice long sit, this is due to the microspheres in it. This gloss costs € 29 and includes 24 colors so plenty choice for everyone I thought so?

Also this month we are painting our nails with the new dior nail polishes. Then we can be fresh and fruity the spring spend!