Kansai Yamamoto back in the business!

The 69-year-old Japanese fashion designer Kansai Yamamoto is back in the fashion business. And this we love of course. We know this famous designer especially from the designs for David Bowie, what you now can display at the Victoria and Albert Museum @ London. He went around the world on NY, Paris, Japan, Russia and so on. Recently saw lucky fashion people already his show in New York here we saw skirts, harem pants and jackets as much camouflage jackets with the use of satin. From April 3, we can find various designs of these designer in the Pop-up store at Tokyo. But according to sources we do not need to travel to Tokyo (not that we would mind) for buying its beautiful designs cause it is also very shortly obtainable in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Well we are glad Kansai Yamamoto is back in the fashion world and I assure you that we gonna hear  many of this man!