Karl Lagerfeld Store opening @ Amsterdam

As you probably know there would be a Karl Lagerfeld Flagship Store in Amsterdam opened, but an exact date was still unknown to this day!

End of April is the day that the second store of Karl Lagerfeld will opened and is in the capital of the Netherlands: Amsterdam. Of course everyone in the world knows about the city Amsterdam and you should be a regular there, because yes there is no city like Amsterdam. The city is known for the friendliness, the weed, the wide choice of shops and of course the red light district. So Karl has his town well chosen if you ask me!

What we can find in his shop? Natural clothing for men and women, black white modern furnishings, technological devices like iPads where you immediately with the latest collections and videos on viewing, changing rooms with photoboots and of course you can also pay with your mobile phone. Promising all this huh?

On April 25, the store will open. Or Karl there is going to be another question but I'll keep you informed.

Address:  Hartenstraat nummer 16 , Amsterdam