Stylefile Anna Dello Russo

Who knows Anna Dello Russo not? This woman sometimes gets more attention than the clothes on the catwalk. One to the other photographer want her on the photo. Also many bloggers put her regularly on the blog. But we find this crazy? No of course not. Because this woman knows every time mob man to inspire with her outfits. She has a look on styling that no one would have. And let's be honest she is 50 years old but with her beautiful body and all , treasure you her in  the age of 30! Here are a few quotes from her and of course pictures of her amazing outfits where we can learn from!

-If there is harmony between ITSELF and his own BODY, a STYLE will born.
- NO matter the size of your body! FASHION to flatter every figure.
-FASHION is such stuff as DREAMS are made on…
-If you like to be relaxed, you will never get the LOOK. Fashion is always UNCOMFORTABLE
- So between FASHION and STYLE? Absolutely FASHION… is less pretentious, is authentic. FASHION is declaration of own freedom.