The party and bullshit LOOK

Hello sweeties! First I wanna thank you all so much for visiting my blog, it really means a lot to me. Okay enough about this now about my look, I have to publish more outfits but here I am working on. When I last came back from an exhibition and fashion show in Antwerp, I caught some time with my sister to take some pictures. I chose this outfit with the song how we do from Rita Ora, I usually put in the morning a song on and it also fits by my outfit hence called the look Party and bullshit. The dungarees are quite trendy now and you can wear it in so many ways so people it is a MUST HAVE. I hope you like my outfit because it's typically my style! Lots of love, your Michelle. 

                                                                         My look:
                                                                       Blouse: Primarkt
                                                                       Cap: Vintage
                                                                       Chain: H&M
                                                                       Clutch: Marino Orlandi
                                                                       Dungarees: Zara
                                                                       Jacket: Maison Martin Margiela
                                                                      Shoes: H&M

                                                             X- Bye lovely sweeties-X