Movie Once Upon a Time by Karl

On May 8, will finally the film by Karl Lagerfeld: One Upon a Time premiered. And the honor to play Coco Chanel was to none other than the beautiful Keira Knightley .Of course it's the perfect partnership Keira and Karl, cause they work no less than 7 years together and are also really good friends so Karl did not have to think about who should be the lead! We not only see the beautiful Keira but also Clotilde Hesme, Stella Tennant, Brad Kroenig, Jamie Bochert, Lindsey Wixon and much more! On 8 May, the film will launched in Singapore and the day after this is the Chanel 2013/2014 Cruise- Collection. You can not miss it, look here's the trailer:

And just like Karl said:  '' My thing is to work more than the others to show them how useless they are''.