Don't miss the Diana Vreeland Auction!

Diana Vreeland stays for me always an example and perhaps for many of yours.We know her discreet style, combined with Luxurious and high-quality classic think of the navy wool coat made by Yves Saint Laurent. Her glamorous wardrobe  get auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions and of course we must not miss it! As of June 24 we can offer so early be there!

Get inspiration by this perfect woman quotes:

-''Style : all who have it share one thing -originality.''
-''Without emotion there is no beauty.''
-'' The only real elegance is in the mind: if you have got that, the rest really comes from it.''
-'' Than I said something I have Always known. I don't get it from you, shall we say and I didn't make it up , but I have known it for all my life.''Elegance'' , I said ''is refusal.''