Suzy Menkes auction unique collection

Thus we read that our beloved fashion journalist Suzy Menkes change her job and so we are told that she her vintage treasures in the auction throws. WHATT? We read that right? Yes, we may soon run with unique garments what one of the most famous fashion journalists in the world has worn! From 11 to 12 july presents Suzy her collection in the auction house :Christie's. The collection would include pieces from Chanel to YSL. There are up to 80 pieces auctioned ,not nothing do you think?

But why throw Ms. Menkes her 80 pieces in the auction? Well she thinks it's a shame that these unique pieces in boxes lie so the people who buy it need to bring it back to life and the clothes to ensure that they people who buy , can dance the night away with it and give someone else the joy that they gave to her .Well amazing, so keep in mind!

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