We love: Sarah Jessica Parker gets shoe line

Everyone dreams of walking in the shoes from Sarah Jessica Parker, she knows each time to surprise us with her stunning looks ! She combines items on the separates ways and we love it. When we hear the name Sarah or: Carrie from Sex and the city we think of shoes, lots of shoes. Especially Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik course. So what does this wonder woman: she gets a shoe line with Manolo Blahnik. WOWWWW girl well done, well done indeed! But there is more, more?
Yep they also get trench coats and handbags. Well Sarah you make our day. The cost of the beautiful copies vary from $ 250 to $ 700. So cheaper than the originals of Manolo .So I guess we gonna spot many people with this line and maybe me? Who knows...

                   Next year comes Sarah Jessica Parker's designs exclusively at Nordstrom