AFW : Marga Weimans SS2014

As you know create Marga Weimans always a spectacle during the AFW and that was certainly the case again but in a simpler way. This time chose Marga for a decor that serves as a living room for the collection : Aerial. With this collection she wanted to make us clear that no one should be the same but just that every human is unique in its own way and his own culture.

The collection
We saw particularly colorful items, whereby we had a clear picture of architecture, visual arts and all processedin portable designs. Think of graphic prints, leather, silk, banner, big bags and turbans. After the show got everyone a chance to enjoying all the pieces because the models were prepared in a presentation. So Marga you rock the AFW again .

Backstage@ Marga Weimans
The beautiful model was telling me a story, but that is still a secret....
Run run fashion baby

Damnn must have this shoes !
Do you understand the story behind the presentation?
A bag with Underlying thought ; the life Luggage

   Pictures made by myself