Back through the centuries : Dries van Noten

One of my favorite designers is Dries van Noten. Why? I think you image why, cause he always use the perfect materials in combination with the female substances. Guess what this season I was there, to make a report for my lovely guys. The atomosfere was amazing, first we get some wine (lovely)and than there came a live drummer : Cindy Blackman Santana in the middle of the area so the collection came out more aggressive as intended. The models wore capes, pants, bomber jackets, prints think much of the trendy flower prints, use of slik, Hawaiian gothic, waistbands, tank tops and in all clothes came the number 9 back.

Colors: Mainly very dark think of : black, green, blue and yellow.
Prints: Flower Prints
Accessories: Sunglasses, ties, sandals and big bags.

We went with Dries van Noten back through the centuries with the real classics but with a Hawaiian gothic & retro innovative style.

                                                                         Pictures made by: myself