Dark, gothic & romantic ghostly : Stéphane Rolland

One of my favorite shows during the Paris Fashion Week was Stéphane Rolland . I was totally crazy when I hear that I get an invitation for this show, it was really a dream that came true.There was a performance by the Spanish dancer Rafael Amargo and this was more than perfect cause he gave the tempo and decor for the Couture Fall/Winter 2013/2014 collection.

The collection
In this we saw not much colors, mostly black and white with some navy, this was innovative because if you know Stephane a bit you know he usually use color in his collection late think of red. We saw his trademarks like sculptural and architectural everywhere. We also saw: half-jackets, shawl collars, luxury pleated, flowing draped fabrics, oversized sleeves, capes and stern silhouettes . At the end we saw just an angel bride who was falling from the sky : Spanish Supermodel Nieves Álvarez. For me the fashion week was not complete without this show ,so thank you so much Stéphane Rolland !

                                                All in all it was a dark ,gothic & romantic ghostly collection
                                                                                          Pictures made by myself