Just a little diary @AFW

Sometimes you can tell more with only pictures and some words than TOO much words and to little pictures , so here a diary.
Thanx for the great days@ Michiel Steur, www.janmarcel.com
I lalala love that hair!
Look how stunning Avi is, do you fall in love?!
Before the fashion day starts you should relax and than you can rock the dayy
Beautiful models @ Tony Cohen
Victoria Koblenko ; pretty perfect
People enjoying food & wine, jamjam
Who is falling from the Rainbow?
Beautiful shot with thanx on Michel
 Don't be afraid come into my life with all ins and outs , follow the diary and is the spotlight Bad Baby ?You’ve got a flair. For the violentest kind of love anywhere out there. Mon amour, sweet child of mine, you’re divine . Didn’t anyone ever tell you it’s ok to shine?*