Let's fly high in the sky**

Oh wow this holiday is really amazing! All the country's, all the lovely people, the fashion, sun, beach, drinks, good food , my b-day that is at 31 July and much more. For me it is time to fly far away in the sky*,to another country and I'm so excited . Where do I go? Haha that's still a secret ,but you gonna read it in a few days on my blog and before this day you can guess it. Who oh who guess it right? Gonna miss you guys, but I will try to post some posts ,but if it's not possible I will again overload you when I'm back.

I say:'' I believe in the freedom of the open road ,so I keep driving 'till I see stars in my eyes **. Let's fly far far away...''

                                                                          Much love for my lovely's
The look: Jacket Primarkt, Clutch Jane Norman, Pants Primarkt, Accessories H&M, Top Primarkt & Shoes New Look.
                                           Picture with thanx on Astrid van Rooij for http://www.styletoday.nl