Michelle For Elle America

When you are at a Fashion Week  you don't have much time to to dress a couple times. As you know me a little bit you now that I loveeee dressing and prefers a few times a day. So the last night from the PFW I could finally change clothes to go to the show from Maison Anoufa and then for going to after parties yesss :) . When I walked out of the taxi came straight to me a photographer who worked for Elle America. He asked if I wanted on the picture, of course I wish I love Elle. So I wanna thank Elle.com but particularly Amar Daved .

My look : Skirt Versace, Necklace H&M, Jacket Zara, Clutch Jane Norman, Top Versace, Shoes H&M.

Picture made by Amar Daved  for www.elle.com