Rock &Roll chic : Rynshu

On the last day of the menswear fashion week I went with thanx on Michiel to the show from Rynshu. What at first fell to @ the show was that the light reflected in the mirrors, the light had found its way to the rock concert. Because if I have to describe this collection it is really rock and roll chic, or how Rynshu his collection called Kakkoii (cool) & Kawaii (cute). We saw skinny jeans with safety pins, thin leather, studs, huge graphic, summer wool, stretch jacquard, sequins and silk satin.

Accessories: sunglasses, boots and ties.
Colors: ivory white, black, natural gray and orange.
Print: skulls.

It was a collection what we can call : Rock &Roll chic on a cool and cute way.

                                                                                 Pictures made by myself