Romantic, Classic & mysterious : Dorhout Mees AFW

One of the shows that I found really beautiful during the Amsterdam Fashion Week was Dorhout Mees! I would so wear some items and there are definitely a few on my wish list.

The collection
The theme of this collection was "La Belle Epoque.'' You can obviously guess, that we saw lots of pink and nude colors, hand mate shoes, landscapes, drawings, embroidery and bracelets of glass. Everything you saw looked just like a poetry you was reading .

Hair: Classic, from the separation layer a braid that was being put on the back of the head with teased hair

The collection can be described as romantic but at the same time classic and mysterious.
An angel is falling from heaven...
To bad that this show is over, cause now I have to wake up out my fairytale:(
Look how beautiful the braid is made
Time for the last group picture beautifuls!