The book with no end: Walter Van Beirendonck

When you are @ the Paris Fashion Week to see the menswear shows, you could not miss the Walter Van Beirendonck collection. So I was here to make live a report. We went back in to the 21ste century with the new Home Sweet Home collection. Think off many pastels, silk trousers, 3D effects, toy horses (I love) a little my little pony type so back in time for me, it reminded me of my childhood. The clothes looked like a painting, suits, lurex socks, long capes, Katrantzou-like levels of complexity, polyhedra about each other, turtlenecks, phallic symbols and much more.

Prints: carpet patterns, flowers, animal prints like snails and birds.
Hair: Gold.
Colors: Pastels, baby pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown.
Accessories: snake print gloves, long socks, hats, scarves.

For me it was all in all just a book I was reading that haven't got an end . Cause it was another innovative collection that we could already expect from Walter Van Beirendonck right? Thanx to the house of Beirendonck and Dirk Van Saene for this amazing show.

                                                                         Pictures made by : myself