The world from a fairytale: Rami Al Ali

Oh wow a day that could not miss from the Paris Fashion Week is with thanx on Rami Al Ali. First we went to his beautiful location @ Maurice Le Salon Pompadour, to see the new haute couture collection. Than we get some drinks and food sounds like a perfect start right? Yes is was! After this we saw his beautiful collection, he took us into a world from a fairytale with all the gold and 50s glamor. We saw a lot graphics, platinum, Rustic tones, silk, modern lace, tulle, chiffon graphic shapes and narrow waist. After the show I saw Anna Wintour walking, could a day be more perfect? Yes, cause I get an invitation from Rami Al Ali to come to his afterparty. I love partying so it was a honor to be there in the beautiful bar, with all the beautiful people. It was a day that I never forget thank you so much Rami, it was a pleassure to meet you in my live , we see us the next time.

Pictures made by : myself