$€:)XX : Bobbi Eden presents Nieuw Jurk AFW

What I found a totally crazy show was : Bobbi Eden presents Nieuw Jurk . When you hear Bobbi Eden , you already know what kind of show it would be . But I should say everyone was totally crazzzzzy during this show and they had so much fun and so did I with my buddy. Okay honestly I understand if people do not feel the feeling of this show, but hey this is why each person has his own style and I found it totally amazing.

The collection
Everything was inspired by $€:)XX ', obviously has it much influence on our daily lives.  So we saw many colors, candy bras, lovely blue lips, leggings, dollor and smiley characters, bomber jackets and latex.

That hair : ''Hearteyessss''
Bring me to the candy shop
Sex in the air, I don't care, I love the smell of it
You wanna suckkk myy ♫
Love that print :)$
Must have that legging!
Crazy but unique
Can you be my superman?
To bad that the show is over:(
                                                                               Pictures made by myself