5 x Makeup trends

Makeup is obviously very important for each person, cause you can draw your face with makeup even if  you are happy :)or sad:( . So sometimes are the necessary makeup trends handy, than we know what we absolutely should and should not do! Here are 5 makeup trends for next season>>>

Much color:

This season are many colors hotter than hot! So quickly run to the store and get the necessary colors in your house because this season we focus on the eyes with some eye shadow. Seen at Frankie Morello, Dior and much more

 Focus on eyelashes:

We already saw in the catwalk shows of Gucci, Moschino and Jean Paul. Are sure you have the best mascaras !

Smokey eyes:

Smokey eyes remain hot and trendy. You don't need much different with this makeup look only the smokey eyes and what blush, so that saves time and time is money right?   

Fierce Eyebrow:

Eyebrows are course very important for the shape of our face. This fall, we can let our eyebrow grow well and accentuate it with eyebrow pencil in many colors (gray, blue, black, brown, purple , pink and much more) for a great effect



Cats Eyes remain one of the most inspiring eyes, of course, we know all about this and use shows such as Anna Sui, Jason Wu, Ralph Rucci this in displaying their collections. Use the appropriate eyeliner or eye shadow and you are readyyyy.