Coco Mademoiselle.

Once upon a time there was a woman, who was born in the wrong place and family. She felt Always so unhappy and alone. Who had no luck who didn't know what true love was. She didn't find true love and decided to be different from all the other and that it doesn't mind where or when you are born, that you can be who you want and where you belong. Then she find her true muse, the only muse she ever wanted. He died just when them times begin. She could choose or fly away with him , to another dimension or staying under the sun, to life for them both and to make all them dreams come true. She decided the last and followed her heart, the world and the people loved her cause she showed what real elegance and style is: Coco Mademoiselle . The woman who let the world know with: the sweater from jersey, chanel no.5, the little black dress, the tweed jackets, the two-tone ballet flats, the bag with the chain, the accessories a girl really need and all clothes a woman of could dream with all comfortable it needs. She let the world know she was here and one day her deal with life was done, her time came to sleep. She died but a real new door was open, a new legend begun . She flew away for dressing the angels and be by her true love, her muse. We have learned so much  from this woman, that no one could have. The woman who was start at 0, that had charisma, charm, elegance and simplicity. Let us know that where there is a door closed there are many others open and when you follow your heart and dreams, the come true. Coco Mademoiselle
''What counts is not the carats but the illusion''.