The back to school girl

Sometimes time fly's so fast you even can't image. I wish I had an time machine but nobody has.. Maybe I find it one day?Okay Michelle wake up , the holiday is done and you should go back to school. I don't like this, but I had an amazing holiday so I can take all the special memories with me. Think of my first Paris Fashion Week, much trips, Amsterdam Fashion Week, holiday in Turkey , my b-day, the crazy long summer nights and much more. If you have a real fantasy you can Always be wherever you want right? So for all the people who have to go back to school , work or whatever what, it doesn't matter where you are or who ,you can Always do what you want! Only think it in your mind and it will happen over and over again.

 The look: Skirt Primarkt, Bag H&M, Shoes Sacha, Socks V&D, Rings H&M, Necklace Primarkt, Blouse Primarkt & Cober Oasis

                                                                Pictures made by Martijn Cremers